Curriculum & Assessment (6th-8th)


In 2013, Saint Lawrence re-aligned its English Language Arts (ELA) and Math curricula with the California Common Core Curriculum. California content standards in Science, Social Studies and Physical Education guide curriculum development in these subjects. On-going collaboration and professional development among educators ensures curriculum is structured, differentiated and taught in ways to engage all learners in the classroom. A full-time Learning Specialist supports student learning in all grades. Please see the ‘Elective & Support Programs’ page for more information on Middle School Co-curricular programs.

Technology supports each student’s learning. Personal laptops, SMART technologies and Google Apps for Education provide the framework for our technology program where students learn to apply technology with purpose and integrity. Students regularly access material and activities through these tools and assessment and progress is managed by their teachers.

All students (Catholic and non-Catholic) take Religion taught in accordance with the Diocesan Religion Outcomes. Instruction is supported by daily prayer, weekly mass sponsorship and attendance, monthly service project leadership and participation, thrice yearly school-sponsored Sunday mass, and semiannual Reconciliation. The liturgical calendar guides other seasonal celebrations.

Technology Tools:

Traditional Resources:

  • Go Math! (6th-8th)
  • We Believe (Religion 6th-8th)
  • Modern Literature
  • Classic Literature
  • Primary Sources
  • Science & Social Studies periodicals


SchoolLoop (our web-based student information system) allows you to see your students’ progress in real time.

Report cards, using the A-F letter grading system, are issued each trimester (three times a year) to all students. Students also receive grades in Conduct, Effort, and Homework.  A separate report card for Elective grades is issued.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are conducted at the mid-point of the first trimester (October), and the end of the second trimester (January). Parents and their middle school student are required to attend both conferences to discuss student progress.

The results of the IOWA Test (taken in the Fall) will be sent home with the first report card. This benchmark is a nationally normed standardized test offering educators a diagnostic look at how students are progressing in key academic areas. Thrice yearly, students take the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)Рan adaptive computer-based test which allows educators to gauge individual student progress throughout the year and year-to-year. Both standardized tests are required by the Diocese of San Jose.

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