Physical Education

Physical Education at Saint Lawrence is part of every student’s learning and experience. All students in grades Pre-K through 8 have a designated class for P.E. every week. Standards in P.E. classes align with the California Content Standards for Physical Education and instruction is supervised by the Athletic Director.pe

  • Students in 4th-8th grade have ┬áP.E. uniform that must be worn during their P.E. class
  • Students in 4th-5th grades can wear their P.E. uniform all day on P.E. days
  • Students in 6th-8th grades can come to school in their P.E. uniform if their 1st block is P.E. and are expected to change into regular school uniform following their P.E. class
  • Students in 6th-8th grades can stay in their P.E. uniform at the end of the day if their last block of the day is P.E.
  • The P.E. uniform for all students consists of the required t-shirt and required shorts. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are optional. No hooded sweatshirts or team sweatshirts of any kind are allowed.
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