Family Commitment

New Family Commitment Requirements for the 2018-2019 School Year!



The Fundraising requirement of family commitment at Saint Lawrence has been simplified. Families are responsible for a given amount of money ($350 for families with 1 child, $500 for families with 2 or more children). This financial commitment can be satisfied by any combination of the following fundraising opportunities:

  • Pledges for the Walk-a-Thon ($1 credit per $1 in pledges)

  • Purchases of Luck of Saint Lawrence Lottery tickets ($1 credit per $1 of tickets sold)

  • Participation in Dine Out Nights (credited at 15-20% of total purchase depending on restaurant)

  • SCRIP/eScrip (credited at a rate of 5% of gross purchase, i.e. $2000 in gross scrip/eScrip purchases earns $100 of credit). SCRIP can be purchased on Wednesday mornings in the school office and after Sunday masses or through the Benefit Mobile App. Instructions for purchasing SCRIP are available on the school website.

  • Specified events and opportunities throughout the year listed in Connections

NOTE: eSCRIP no longer counts Safeway purchases.  eScrip purchases at other qualified merchants will still count toward your gross scrip purchase total.

Volunteer Hours

There are many opportunities to fill in your volunteer hours. Restoration days, helping at PTG and Development events, and yard duty are just a few volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities will be posted on Connections and on ParentSquare.

Buy Out

Unfulfilled Family Commitments will be itemized in a spring report to families. Families will have the option to buy out remaining commitments at this time. Buy outs occur at a rate of one dollar for ever under-fundraised dollar and $20/hour for unfulfilled service hours.

The 2018-2019 Family Commitment term runs from June 2018 to May 2019.

Families can buy-out their balance any time by bringing in a check to the school office. Check payable to St. Lawrence Elementary & Middle School with Family Commitment written in the memo section.


For questions on the Family Commitment Report, contact Helen Greene (

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