Pastor Rev. Ernesto Orci
Parochial Vicar Rev. Joseph Page
Principal Carina Lares
Pre-K Director Eileen Madej
Elementary Spanish Teacher Kelly Flores
Pre-K Teacher Mayra Cruz
Pre-K Aide Claudia Chavez
Pre-K Aide Leticia Freitas
Elementary School (K-5th Grades)
Kindergarten Teacher Lesa Cassidy
First Grade Teacher Tina Gorham
Second Grade Teacher Marylinn Fleming
Third Grade Teacher Mary Kate Currier
Fourth Grade Teacher Samantha Jacowitz
Fifth Grade Teacher Hayley Huston
Instructional Aide Robert Fried
Instructional Aide Laureen Garcia
Instructional Aide Marisela Ochoa
Instructional Aide Candy Volta
Extended Care Director Trini Martinez
Extended Care Asst. Director Laure Vierra
After School Programs Visit After School Programs page
Middle School (6th-8th Grades)
6th Grade Homeroom Teacher Sherry Scott
7th Grade Homeroom Teacher Tim Pingel
8th Grade Homeroom Teacher Moira Delumpa
Middle School Math John Schmitt 
Middle School Science Michelle Varnau
Middle School Social Studies Tim Pingel
Middle School Religion Sherry Scott
Middle School Reading Tim Pingel
Middle School Language Arts Moira Delumpa
Electives Program (6th-8th Grades) Visit Electives Program page
Advancement Asst. Director Helen Greene
Director of Athletics, K-8 PE Tim Pingel
Children’s Center Director Trini Martinez
Children’s Center Asst. Director Laure Vierra
Office Staff/Advancement Helen Greene
Office Staff/Admissions Gayle Wholley

St. Lawrence Elementary and Middle School

1977 St. Lawrence Drive Santa Clara, CA 95051
Main Office Phone: (408) 296-2260 Fax: (408) 296-0406
Preschool Phone: (408) 869-8620 Children/Teen’s Center: Phone: (408) 296-2260, ext. 350

1977 St. Lawrence Drive | Santa Clara, CA 95051 | (408) 296-2260 | (408) 296-0406 Fax |
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