The Quinceañera is a traditional Hispanic celebration of life and gratitude to God on the occasion of the 15th birthday of a young woman. The ritual emphasizes her passage from childhood to adulthood. Usually in the context of a Mass, the young woman makes a commitment to God and to the Blessed Virgin Mary to live out the rest of her life according to the teachings of Christ and the Church. At the end of the ritual, the young woman is presented to the community and the celebration often continues with a dinner and dance.

Because the Quinceañera is a major event and powerful commitment for the young woman and her family a period of preparation is required. The process begins with an interview with the priest to get to know more about the person and their journey of faith. After the interview there is a catechetical retreat to help young women, in a group setting, reflect upon their faith and become stronger members of their parishes.

For those anticipating a Quinceañera, please contact the parish one year in advance.

Preparing for the Quinceñera is an opportunity to empower young people to live as disciples of Christ in today’s world, to inspire young people to participate in the life and mission of the Church, and to foster the personal and spiritual grown of our youth. In particular, the Quinceñera offers an opportunity for a teenage girl to reflect on her role as a Catholic Christian woman.

For information on scheduling a Quinceañera, call the Parish Office at (408) 296-3000