Altar Server

Altar servers are those among the faithful who display a desire to participate in a more intimate way during the Eucharistic celebration. They assist the priests by doing assigned tasks done in a certain form with attention, dignity, and reverence. Proper server etiquette and tasks are taught through training. Altar Servers must have been baptized, have celebrated First Eucharist, and be at least in the 4th grade. Training will be provided.

Art and Environment

This committee is dedicated to creating, executing, and maintaining a welcoming and prayerful church environment reflective of the different liturgical seasons.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Being fully initiated and commissioned to serve the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembly at Mass, the ministers possess a deep love for the sacrament of Eucharist. They undertake it with the intention to grow deeply in an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and with the assembly that celebrates His presence. Training will be provided.

Guidelines for Eucharistic Ministers

Hospitality Ministry

This ministry reflects the light of hospitality to welcome one and all. The spirit of welcoming is to flow throughout the Eucharistic celebration, between the gathering and dismissal. The ministers assist with making the celebration run smoothly and comfortably, in order that each one is greeted and feels invited and welcomed. Our Sunday celebrations are about warm friendships and each person arriving must experience the feeling of belonging, a sense that, “It is good to be here”. Training will be provided.

Guidelines for Ministers of Hospitality


“Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing” (Luke 4: 21). Being fully initiated and commissioned to proclaim the Word of God in the midst of the Eucharistic celebration, the ministers possess a love of the Word and a proclaiming skill. Training will be provided.

Guidelines for Lectors

Lector Text Prep

Music Ministry

“Make a Joyful Sound unto the Lord!” Hello and welcome! Separate groups serve our parish: The Morning Choirs-traditional/contemporary/spiritual; the Noon Choir- contemporary/folk/ spiritual; the Saturday Vigil Group- traditional/ contemporary; the Children’s Choir- for ages 8-13; the Young Adult Music Group - new music/contemporary/ Christian Rock. These groups lead the assembled community in Liturgical songs of all styles from traditional, contemporary, and rock. We are glad to welcome new musicians. If you would like to share your vocal talents as a choir member or a cantor, or your instrumental talents, please join one of the music groups.

We also have multiple groups that minister different weeks at our 1:30pm mass in Spanish.


Sacristans provide a vital service for the Eucharistic celebration. By ensuring that the liturgical items are set up before the celebration and cleaned up afterward, the ministers take seriously the importance of the relationship between faith actions of the worshipping community and the appearance of the place where they gather. The ministry includes the sanctuary attendants who clean the church. The ministry also includes washing and ironing linens used at each liturgical celebration. Training will be provided.

Guidelines for Sacristans