Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

The Parish Pastoral Council works in conjunction with the Pastor, the Pastoral Staff, the Finance Committee, and the Stewardship Committee in, visioning, planning, and implementing important aspects of our Parish’s Pastoral Life. Council members attend monthly scheduled meetings and serve on various ad-hoc committees as determined by the PPC.

Included in this are the ministries for:
• The Bulletin
• The Website
• The Welcome Packet
• Parish Finance Council (PFC)

The Parish Finance Council oversees all aspects of parish finances and advises the Pastor and Administrators on appropriate financial matters. The Finance Committee consists of voting parishioner members, Principal of the School and Finance Office Accountant. Finance Council members serve two to three year terms. The Finance Council meets monthly. Members of our community with business or financial background/expertise are encouraged to be part of the Council.

It includes also the Ministry of:
• Collection Counters
• Maintenance
• Taking care of our household is an important task in the Stewardship of our parish. From time-to-time, we organize workdays to accomplish those maintenance tasks that are so important to the care of our facility.